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Lord of the Manor

Contemporary Fiction

Stefan Walkinton, the new Earl of Winfield, needs money and he needs it quickly. Having no other option, he reluctantly agrees to open up the family home to the public. The last thing he wants is to advertise his family’s scandalous and shameful history, but doesn’t seem to be left with any choice.

When Dr Jasmine Snow receives an offer to put together a documentary about the infamous Walkinton family, she accepts without hesitation. Until she meets the Lord of the Manor himself. Not one to back down from a challenge, she faces him head on in an attempt to discover the secrets of Winfield Hall, whilst trying to keep her own hidden.

As they fight over the past, they are unaware of what the future may bring them


The Sewing Bee

Contemporary Fiction

For Jess Crawford, life seems to have come to a grinding halt at twenty-seven.

But after a change in circumstances leads to her moving in with her grandmother, she’ll find that a change of scenery, a new hobby and some new friends might be all she needs to get her life back on track.

A tale of friendship built on sewing an Italian cuisine.


Taming Her Stallion

Historical Romance

England, 1817 - Lady Felicity Greene is perfectly content living the quiet life on her family’s Suffolk estate, but when two men turn up claiming to be interested in purchasing a racehorse from her father, the peace is broken. It doesn’t matter how handsome one of the men is, there is clearly something foul afoot, and Felicity is intent on finding out what is it.

Jack Rockall would do anything for his friend and business partner Ian, including agreeing to accompany him to the Marquess of Sharnbrook’s estate and entertaining his spinster daughter, while Ian can investigate a family secret that has plagued him all his life. Only, distracting the Lady Felicity proves to be a task and a half the second Jack lays eyes on her.

Baby Blocks.jpg

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Seasonal Romance

Beth Michaels tries to avoid two things – men and Christmas. But when a shock redundancy sends her to the countryside to reassess her life, she gets an unhealthy dose of both. Will her attractive new neighbour Aidan find a way to breech the walls Beth has set up around herself or will the self-confessed workaholic find an excuse to run back to the city to spend another Christmas morning alone?

Bent (throwing shade).jpg

Bent Out of Shape

Contemporary Romance

A chance encounter on an aeroplane throws a man Lily had never expected to see again, back into her life.

Yoga instructor Lily Stewart fights her attraction to workaholic commitaphobe Dylan, the boy she grew up with. Aside from the fact he tormented her when they were children, he “doesn’t do love”. Starting something up with him would just get messy, and Lily is all about clean living.

ArtofLove (Blue).jpg

The Art of Love

Contemporary Fiction

Ally Spencer has a lot going for her. She has a great job, a great flat, and great friends. But after her little sister’s wedding announcement is made, old memories of her fiancé, who broke things off only a few months before, begin resurfacing. Feeling the need for a night on the town, she overdoes it slightly and finds herself in a handsome stranger’s hotel room the following morning with no memory of how she ended up there. After bolting, she tries to put the experience behind her only to find this mysterious man popping up in her personal and professional life. Along with fighting a growing attraction for a man she is sure she should dislike, she is roped into helping with her perfect sister’s OTT wedding plans.

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