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About Megan

I’m Megan, a yoga teacher (200hrs initial training, with 40 hours Yin Yoga) and writer.

My current journey and life shift occurred in 2020 (as I think it did with so many of us). While the world had slowed down and we were locked down, my job and my employer became more demanding than ever.

Now you may be thinking that in that case, I was doing some incredible front-line essential job that kept things going during the pandemic.

Quite the opposite. What I was doing was a corporate desk job. What I was a typical type-a, people-pleaser and this seemingly proved ideal for my employer who decided to furlough some staff and pass their work over to me, without a pay rise.

While everyone was taking up new crafts and making sourdough, I found myself sat morning until night at my laptop, working way beyond my allocated hours, eventually rewarding myself with a severe case of burnout.

My recovery journey was along road back, but a big learning curve. During my recovery, I finally got around the achieving my goal of qualifying as a yoga teacher, as well as immersing myself within the science behind stress and burnout.

From this, MMW Wellbeing was born, focusing on four pillars of well-being - physical, mental, financial and heart & soul.

My goal with MMW Wellbeing is to provide people of the tools to live their healthiest, authentic life that lights them up, rather than following the path society dictates they should follow.

Oh, and I left that toxic job and have not looked back since!

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